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Implementing UI Solutions is a Utility Industry Best Practice

UI solutions and modules help you plan, track, and manage your end-to-end performance. They are browser and mobile device enabled, making them convenient and securely accessible to everyone who needs them. With the ability to automatically draw data from every portion of the enterprise and process it through our fast calculation engine, you can:

UI solutions and modules enable your team to get the information they need and empower your analysts to spend less time gathering data on the side and more time adding value to your company through industry best practice analyses and strategic modeling.


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Tailor Your UI Solutions

Our component framework has all the right inputs, outputs, and flexibility for a fully integrated solution, end-to-endOur 21 configurable modules ensure you get exactly what you need, and only what you needOur six solutions offer commonly integrated modules for addressing specific needsCustomer ServiceRegulatory FilingsFinancingTaxesExpensesLoadings & AllocationsEnergy SupplyBillingRates &TariffsRegulatory AccountingFinancial StatementsTargets & AssumptionsCore BudgetingLaborMeter DataLoad ForecastingRevenuePlant TaxPlant BookCapital SpendingWork DriversIntegrated Resource PlanningRevenueRegulatoryPlantBudgetingFinancialPlanningEnd-to-End Solutions

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