Integrated Resource Planning    

Strategic Resource Planning at Your Fingertips

We know how important planning to meet the energy demands of the future is. Long lead times and high construction costs call for comprehensive yet flexible resource planning tools well integrated with the company’s financial planning systems. UI’s Integrated Resource Planning Solution enables you to create Production Cost Models for fuel forecasts and Expansion Planning Models for forecasting long-term construction needs to meet the required generation demand. The results of these models fully integrate with the company’s financial plan. In addition, rapid results combined with scenario comparison capabilities enable what-if analysis so you can respond quickly to leadership questions.

With UI’s Integrated Resource Planning Solution, you can:

  • Create the most economical hourly dispatch plan and fuel forecast to meet customer energy demand using Production Cost Modeling that abides by a variety of operating constraints. 
  • Use Expansion Planning to develop the most economic capital investment plan for integrating new generation into the current portfolio to optimally meet long-term forecasted energy demand. 
  • Leverage what-if framework, drilldown, deep variance analysis, and multi-trial to provide a whole-system outlook and analysis for informed decision making. 
  • Seamlessly integrate with UI Budgeting, Plant Book, and Planning solutions to streamline end-to-end forecasting.


      “UI gives you capabilities you couldn’t do on your own—can look at a plant investment, how will this     

    affect our credit rating, balance between earnings and treasury—can run that all through the model.”


UI Customer


The Power of Our Integrated Resource Planning Solution

Rapid results of stakeholders

Provide prompt answers to executives with the Integrated Resource Planning Solution’s accelerated turnaround time; no need to wait a day or more for results. 

Effortless what-if analysis


Compare current results of the Production Cost and Expansion Planning models against previous results for efficient comparative analysis. 

Future-proof modeling


Model future generation unit attributes, capabilities, and new constraints without software modifications due to inherent flexibility of the solution.



Improved transparency


Perform greater analysis and better decision-making thanks to the ability to own all relevant information on how a plan is formed via full drill-down capabilities. 



Modules Commonly Integrated into the Integrated Resource Planning Solution

UI partners with our client to bundle the appropriate combination of the 21 modules to address our client’s specific needs and achieve their business outcomes. This way, you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

Energy Supply Module

Utilities must meet their customer’s forecasted energy demand considering sustainability and reliability goals, market dynamics, technology complexities, and constraints in the portfolio mix. UI’s Energy Supply Module enables you to provide comprehensive and informed results to comply with IRP filings requirements and meet LRP needs.

This Module integrates with other modules as part of the following solution:

Integrated Resource Planning