Powerful Customer Analytics and Rate Design

UI’s Revenue Solution is the industry-leading Customer, Rates, and Revenue management software, providing detailed customer analytics across departments and use-cases. Our powerful tariff engine is designed with the flexibility for rate modeling, speed for full-population rate comparisons, and accuracy for detailed customer analysis. Our analyst-driven calculation and reporting tools with integrated industry best-practice libraries enable full process management from rate design to special contracts billing. Configurable browser-based dashboards provide seamless access to analytics across departments, from revenue accounting to key account management.

With UI’s Revenue Solution, you can:

  •  Design rate and tariff programs end-to-end, from interval-based tariff modeling to exportable Excel rate filing models. 
  •  Run real-time, full-population customer analytics such as batch rate comparisons, bill impact distributions, and revenue variance analysis. 
  •  Analyze user-driven what-if scenarios, quickly identifying the impact of new rate offerings or shifting load on any customer’s bill.


   “Account managers and account reps in the field can use UI Solutions to do rate scenarios in real-time —                      evaluate mass rate changes in order to see what impact this will have on the customer’s bill.”


UISG Customer


The Power of our Revenue Solution

Enhance customer satisfaction


Improve customer satisfaction at every step in the rate design and implementation process by preventing rate shock, empowering your account managers, and enabling customer self-service.

Improve data access


Eliminate time-consuming data jockeying by providing easy cross-departmental access to difficult-to-manage customer, revenue, load, and pricing data.

Maximize revenue recovery 


Strengthen the bottom line by reducing regulatory lag, improving filing accuracy, and preventing revenue erosion. From interval-based rate design to fast intervenor analysis, we help you ensure optimal rate case outcomes.

Strengthen data accuracy


A fully validated, single source of truth for customer, rates, and tariff data across the enterprise ensures revenue forecasts align with rate design, and regulatory filings align with customer communications.



Drill down through data and calculations to easily answer questions and analyze results, from a customer’s bill to a proposed rate design.





Ensure the model can evolve and flex as the needs of your business change, with analyst control over calculations, data, and business logic.



Learn how UI Solutions Group’s Revenue Solution is Helping our Clients Succeed

Modules Commonly Integrated into the UI Revenue Solution

UI partners with our client to bundle the appropriate combination of the 21 modules to address our client’s specific needs and achieve their business outcomes. This way, you get exactly what you need and nothing you don’t.

CLIENT SUCCESS 1 Communicating Customer Impacts


Facing incomplete stories in the local press, our client was under intense pressure to clarify customer impacts of a proposed rate change. However, existing tools limited analysts to modeling rate impacts in aggregate, leaving them unable to guarantee that proposed rates would not cause undue rate shock to specific customer segments or key accounts.



UI Solutions Group's functionality allowed account managers to begin their customer outreach with key accounts concurrent with the rate case filing. Prompt and accurate information promoted key account confidence, supported customer satisfaction, and led to a smooth rate case and settlement process.

CLIENT SUCCESS 2 Preventing Revenue Erosion


Looking to leverage their advanced metering infrastructure (AMI), our client was exploring new time-of-use rates but was concerned high customer adoption could cause significant revenue loss. Confronted with massive volumes of smart-meter data, analysts lacked sufficient tools to effectively model revenue migration.



The utility leveraged its analysis to obtain fair and accurate revenue recovery which incorporated multiple time-of-use options, meeting customer and commission goals, while maintaining a high degree of confidence in the stability of future revenues.

CLIENT SUCCESS 3 Designing Better Rates


With growing penetration of distributed solar across their service territory, one of our clients was seeking to increase fixed charges while avoiding adverse customer impacts that might hinder rate approval. However, existing tools limited analysts to modeling rate impacts in aggregate, leaving them unable to guarantee proposed rates would meet this objective across the entire customer population.



Our client was able to design prices that they could confidently demonstrate would not unfairly affect any customers, ensuring higher customer satisfaction while addressing commission concerns.

Revenue Module

A precise understanding of current and future revenues is critical to running a successful enterprise but is challenging in the rapidly changing utility landscape. UI’s Revenue Module makes it easy for you to accurately forecast future revenue and analyze variance trends with its historically validated rate engine.

This Module integrates with other modules as part of the following solution:

Load Forecasting Module

Clients must better understand energy efficiency, customer behavior, and distributed energy resource trends and relationships to predict their future load more accurately. UI’s Load Forecasting Module enables you to forecast customer count, usage, and peak demand to support your planning and regulatory functions.

This Module integrates with other modules as part of the following solution:

Meter Data Module

The limitations of legacy data tools challenge the utility industry, and utilities require more flexibility and powerful tools than ever to facilitate data-driven decisions that benefit the utility and its customers. UI’s Meter Data Module empowers you with advanced analytics so you can better understand your key accounts.

This Module integrates with other modules as part of the following solution:

Billing Module

As the utility industry moves to more complex rate structures across all rate classes, it’s critical to have fast, flexible, and scalable billing systems to support the new rate structures. UI’s Billing Module addresses the evolving complexities of the customer billing process so you can keep your customers happy. 

This Module integrates with other modules as part of the following solution:

Customer Service Module

Clients must present clear rate options, comparisons, and bill impacts to their customers through easy-to-use, web-based interfaces that allow them to analyze pricing options directly. UI’s Customer Service Module makes this feasible for you by offering a scalable solution that strengthens customer relationships through robust rate analytics for all stakeholders.

This Module integrates with other modules as part of the following solution:

Adopting the best toolkit for addressing a myriad of possible tariff changes is essential. UI’s Rates & Tariffs Module allows you to easily define rules and calculations to analyze the impact of various regulatory changes across an entire customer base.

This Module integrates with other modules as part of the following solution: