Our Platform

And it’s Flexible

customizable, convenient, and securely accessible even from your laptop or mobile device



Rules engine
Analysts edit the business rules without requiring assistance from technologists or consultants.

Metadata manager
Analyst-driven screens define data structures in the system. Modeling a new data structure does not require database administrator (DBA) or technologist intervention.

Feature-rich report writers
Fully freeform reporting is sufficiently flexible to meet diverse requirements with a single piece of software.

End-user screens and experience design
Administrators craft a user experience by defining dashboard apps and hot-spotted workflow screens that walk users through their business processes.



You can manage “what-ifs” for data assumptions, business rules or report variances among multiple scenarios.

Statistical tools support regressions, sensitivities, and Monte Carlo analysis.

Pivot massive n-dimensional datasets
Models process over n-dimensional datasets; users can pivot massive in-memory results with immediate responsiveness.

Data visualizations
A full charting library includes all the basics plus specialized analytical displays, such as waterfall and tornado charts.

Full formula drilldown/no black box
Every number generated by the system can be walked back through user-managed formulas to find who entered an assumption and when it was last edited.



In-memory processing
All processing occurs in fully indexed RAM with no disk-IO for best-of-breed performance. 

“Big Data” framework routinely models and reports billions of data points. 

Our software integrates with our client’s directory authentication systems through LDAP. It provides a robust security model over all objects and actions by user or role. Data is encrypted in transfer and at rest.

Cloud or on-premise
Our platform actively supports both cloud and on-premise solutions.

Framework is friendly to mobile devices.


Enterprise Administration

Seamless integration between UI solutions and modules
Our flexible platform serves many different business functions, which allows IT to shrink its software vendor count and enables disconnected business areas to seamlessly share assumptions and results.

Enterprise system integration
An intuitive and user driven integration framework interfaces with other enterprise systems or less formal data sources. The framework includes imports and exports, task-scheduling, web-services, data validations and transformations, and a library of accelerators. 

Administration and monitoring tools
Tools allow administrators to track user activity, data flows, system performance, and other key metrics.


Ease of Use

Accelerated data entry
Data entry tools extrapolate data patterns and support pro-rata spread-back. Configurable validations catch and report user errors.

Integration with Excel/MS-Office
Users can edit data in Excel and upload to our database. They can export all outputs to Excel and the rest of the MS Office suite.

Dashboard interfaces
Web-based dashboard apps are configurable to show users’ inputs and outputs simultaneously. 

Configurable and integrated workflow framework allows users and stakeholders to manage shared objectives.

Pre-built modeling accelerators
Solution ships with dual-entry accounting ledger, including the ability to generate full financials with helper functions, such as 13-month averaging, and more.